Cloud vs. Self-Hosted

Deployment Options in the Spitfire Project Management System

The Spitfire Project Management System Offers Both Cloud and Self-Hosted Deployment Options

There is no deployment method that works best for all, so we offer you choices.

If you want the system in the cloud (which means your system is kept and maintained off-site), you can have it there. If you want to self-host the system, you can have it at your location. It is your choice. Not sure? We can go over the pros and cons of both of these straightforward options with you.

Aside from the standard SaaS (Software as a Service) and on-premises deployments, we offer complete flexibility through other licensing and deployment options. For example, you can choose to purchase the perpetual license (associated with self-hosting) but deploy the software on your choice of cloud provider. Or you can lease the software (as if in the cloud) but run it on premises.

No matter how you choose to deploy the software, you will start with the same Spitfire Project Management System and have it configured to your own business practices and needs.


Cloud SaaS Model

With SaaS deployment, you use the Spitfire Project Management System, but we are responsible for provisioning virtual servers using Amazon Elastic Computing, installing your site, and updating your site as needed. After implementation and configuration, all you need to do is log in and use the software.

Upfront costs are reduced because you eliminate hardware investment, operating systems, SQL software fees, and IT manpower. You own your data and subscribe to maintain storage for that data. Beyond certain disclosed amounts, storage fees are based upon actual usage.


Cloud SaaS Might Be Best For You If

  • You don’t have an IT department or your IT department does not have enough time to support this project.
  • You don’t want to set up new servers.
  • You don’t want to acquire licenses from Microsoft.
  • You don’t want to acquire any new hardware.
  • You want to get up and running quickly.
  • You want to be able to upgrade easily with every release.
  • You want to minimize up-front and startup costs.
  • You don’t want to worry about backups.


Self-Hosted Model

With the tried-and-true self-hosted, on-premises, perpetual license deployment, you use the Spitfire Project Management System, but it is installed and updated right on your own servers, whether physical or virtual.

You can take advantage of a one-time license fee and—depending on your server capacity and operating system licenses—your existing infrastructure, thus saving you money in the long term. As the owner, you maintain control over infrastructure, costs and scheduling of upgrades. And you need not worry about accessing your data if your Internet goes down.


Self-Hosting Might Be Best For You If:

  • You have a good IT department.
  • You already have the hardware (servers) in place.
  • You want to save money in the long term.
  • You want to be in charge of the software.
  • Private, on-site security is important to you.
  • You do not want to rely on an Internet connection.


Ask us about which deployment of the Spitfire Project Management System would be best for you.